EVENT: 1st Annual CRO Salsa Smackdown

Do you Love chips ‘n salsa? Make a salsa like no other? Wanna prove it!??!! Lets get it on!
Saturday, October 3rd, we’re hosting a homemade salsa competition in honor of our beloved Chloe who loved chips and salsa. Chloe was tragically murdered March 23, 2019 and we had hoped to have the event on March 21st as planned but due to virus we had to postpone. We want to remember the things she loved and salsa was one of them.
Rain date is Saturday, October 24th.
The competition will begin at 10:00 am at the Fairgrounds in Henderson and winners will be announced at 3 pm by the judges. Judges to be announced.
Salsa Categories: Hot, Mild, Sweet/Fruity
One entry per category per person.
We will have the PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD where y’all the people get to vote. They will be judged in the above areas.
Then, there will the JUDGES CHOICE AWARD for BEST ALL AROUND SALSA. We will be announcing the judges soon. Stay tuned.
It is $20 per contestant to enter the SALSA SMACKDOWN and become the First Ever Salsa Smackdown Champion. Do you wanna wear the title belt and have bragging rights to making an awesome salsa and win some prizes?
Registration deadline is Monday, September 21, 2020. To register send an email to jay@thechloerandolph.org and we will send you a registration form.
Complete rules for salsa makers are available by sending an email to: jay@thechloerandolph.org