The Chloe Randolph Organization

MISSION:  The Chloe Randolph Organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization educating, equipping and empowering survivors of domestic violence in and around our communities. Our mission is to provide life-saving services that allow survivors to become successful, on their new journey free of abuse while healing, becoming self-sufficient, and to thrive.

Our hope is that through sharing the tragedy of Chloe’s story we may raise awareness to the realities of Domestic Violence. We want to build a community that stands firm on the protection of those that find themselves in fearful situations.

VISION: At The Chloe Randolph Organization, we know that relationship violence is a preventable social epidemic. We feel that we can make a difference towards a violence-free future by providing quality education in our community, not only for our adults, but our teens as well. Teaching our youth and young adults healthy relationship skills with ways to identify and avoid behaviors that lead to violence, is the critical key in The Chloe Randolph Organization model for change. Change starts with a conversation.

The Justice 4 Chloe Story

Chloe was taken from us way too soon, but we will exert the same drive and determination that she did when she championed a cause. It is through the loss of Chloe and the support from our community, and neighboring communities, that we have been, and will continue to be, forever vigilant in our fight against domestic violence.